I have decided to de-clutter the homepage of the site to make things easier to find. I have also integrated the site with Facebook, Twitter & Stumble Upon, I am planning to expand the social networking part of the site, any suggestions of good social networks to integrate with would be welcome.
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I have just added a load of avatars, banners etc in a new affiliate section, if you want to support the site, go ahead>.


Before you either leave in disgust or go and read an article. I just want to explain what this site is about so you don't get the wrong impression. This site is not here to convert you to windows if you are already a mac user. Neither does wehatemacs dislike Linux or Unix. wehatemacs IS however an informational site delivered in a slightly aggressive way. If you are a mac user, don't bitch about it, especially not to me, Get over it. There are plenty of places around for you to have a moan about PCs. There are also plenty of places around where you can needlessly pat eachother on the back for being mac users. This site is for the PC user, I am talking about the form factor. NOT windows. The straight version of a mac.

Feel free to browse about and check out the new features, email us with any feedback you have and any future expansions you would suggest.

Thanks for visiting

NOTE: Please let me know if you are experiencing slow page load times and if possible explain any other negative effects, if any, this is having.

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